The year in review.
Visual stories of 2022, told by IMAGO.

IMAGO 2022 The Year in Review
What has transpired over the past 12 months has surprised a lot of people. The resumption of our pre-COVID routines, including the inauguration of the entertainment and sporting events, had some positive aspects.
As a result, the entertainment sector in the world experienced a better start to 2022 than it did to the three years prior. The worldwide removal of COVID restrictions breathed new life into music concerts, festivals, and other gatherings. But reopening events and stages to recover the stars’ brightness wasn’t just about entertainment.
In the sport sector, a new season of reopening events began, as the FIFA World Cup was the most significant one. Argentina won the tournament, and one of football’s greatest players, Lionel Messi, was a key component.
However, there was a gloomier side, which included war, environmental and energy crises.
All of this can be found in our visual stories of the year 2022, which we have put together in different collections that we want to show you here.
IMAGO 2022 Editorial Highlights

Editorial Highlights 2022.

We took a visual look back at the year's significant events and how they reshaped politics, society, economy and daily life around the globe.
Discover our collection with the highlights of the year.
The World of Sport in 2022.

The World of Sport in 2022.

The sporting calendar of 2022 began with the Australian Open tennis tournament, proceeded with the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing and the UEFA Women's Euro, and ended with the World Cup in Qatar.

Check out the link to find out what happened in the world of sport in 2022.


Reshaping the world’s politics by the war.

The political scene in the year 2022 was distinct from the typical. An unexpected war in Ukraine begun by Russia at the start of the year, sent shockwaves around the globe. 

Follow this link to view a summary of the impact that Russia's invasion of Ukraine caused.

IMAGO 2022 Obituaries

Obituaries 2022.

Many notable people, whose names will live on in pages of history, passed during the year. From the shocking assassination of Shinzo Abe, the former Japanese prime minister, to Queen Elizabeth II, the British monarch with the longest reign.
Take a look at our collection to remember the people that passed away in 2022. 

The year 2022 in retrospect.

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