IMAGO Zine #6 - UEFA EURO 2024

"The stage is set, the dreams are all in place. EURO 2024 is ready to celebrate excellence and the unifying power of football."

Against the backdrop of host nation Germany, EURO 2024 promises to usher in another enchanting summer at the heart of the continent. Brace yourself for an unparalleled display of the beautiful game, where nations unite in the spirit of camaraderie and ultimate competition.

Introducing our latest zine: UEFA EURO 2024. Delve into the world of EURO 2024 with IMAGO, your premier visual content provider. Offering an expansive collection of over 500 million images and videos across all categories, IMAGO guarantees thorough coverage of EURO 2024, including exclusive behind-the-scenes moments. Supported by our extensive network of more than 1,000 photographers and suppliers in Germany, IMAGO offers comprehensive coverage. EURO 2024 in Germany will unfold across ten magnificent venues situated in the country's major cities. From the iconic BVB Stadium in Dortmund to the legendary Olympiastadion Berlin, prepare for awe-inspiring backdrops for Europe's most significant games. Join the spirit of football. Unite in the heart of Europe!

In this Issue:

  • EURO 2024 INTRO
  • The VENUES of EURO 2024
  • United by Football, IN THE HEART OF EUROPE
  • CR7 –  THE ICON
  • REVISITING THE PAST EURO History - REVIEW 1968 to 2020
  • PLAYERS TO WATCH - discover striving forces and uprising talents

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IMAGO Zine #6 - UEFA EURO 2024