Naturally, extraordinary talent is a prerequisite with this level of hero worship. But ability does not guarantee popularity, while achievement is not linked to our level of adoration.”

Dissecting the notion of the icon, the weight of elevated status and the dichotomies intrinsic to being iconic, discover our latest zine ICONS.

Taking a look into the power of the icon culture within the worlds of sport, culture and persona we examine the moments and movements that have paved waves and defined eras. Through social change, political stance and pure skill or characteristic this is not your traditional icon list. 

Launching the second in the new IMAGO Zines series, what makes an icon for you? 

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In this issue:

  • Critical sports editorial from Alex Reid, delving into the untenable link between villain and sports icon.
  • First hand accounts from worldwide photographers that experienced moments that defined an era.
  • Interviews with photojournalists documenting divisive cultural eruptions both in sport and politics.
  • Photographic pursuits to capture moments in time.
  • Established archival photography from the 1980s in Berlin.
  • Sports events archives from poignant competitions, matches and players.

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