“La Liga has had, broadly, the best teams and next-best teams – and the brightest stars.” 

A look back on a tumultuous season with no fans, the loss of a legend and an unexpected win by Atlético de Madrid. We are diving into one of the world’s strongest football leagues. 

Through the talents that gave Spanish football its notoriety and a look into its precarious future, we launch the third in the new IMAGO Zine Series.

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In this issue:

  • A look back on the emotionally charged 2020-21 season and what to look out for this season.
  • Critical analyses on the power of Spanish football and its sudden decline in light of debts and scandals by Alex Reid.
  • A personal account from Bagu Blanco on Messi’s most iconic photo for FC Barcelona during the legendary 2017 Champions League comeback.
  • An interview with Jose Breton. Documenting this year’s La Liga final match that saw Atlético de Madrid take victory for the first time since 2014.
  • La Liga’s Top Five Players of all time: reminiscing on career highlights and achievements.

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